Our 6 Values

One of our favourite quotes is the one that goes something along the lines of ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life’. We want our journey with Real Handful to feel like that and make it a really special place to work as we spread the good word of tasty and nutritious snacking in the UK.

We’ve been lucky enough to work for some fab companies, like innocent, Heinz and Kellogg’s. We’ve tried to use all the best bits from our experiences in, and outside, of work to set the values that guide us at Real Handful.

Being Real

Being ourselves, being accessible, being friends with our suppliers, customers and you.

Being Honest

Being able to answer any question posed about our business. Sharing lots of information about what we’re up to with anyone who’s interested.

Being Better

Learning and improving as we go, having the best tasting snacks in the market and the best team of people.

Being Brave

Trying new things, not being afraid to go with our gut or stand up for what we believe in.

Being Ambitious

We hope to make our snacks available in as many places as possible, to as many people as possible.

Being Humble

Always listening to feedback, not being arrogant and being self-aware.


We’re actively looking for great people across all disciplines to join our little team as we embark on our adventure of establishing Real Handful.

So if you’re a person and you’re great please drop us a covering email and CV to hi@realhandful.com

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Giving back!

We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to launch a company. So we felt it was important to make “doing some good” for others part of the Real Handful journey.

Becoming parents has made us very aware that there are many aspects of our boy’s lives that they, and we, could easily take for granted. We wanted to find an opportunity to help children and their families that might not be in the same position, and may need a little outside support.


We’ve decided the best way to do that is by working with the Wood Street Mission in central Manchester. They’re a registered charity with a long history of working in the local community and we’re inspired by their mission ‘to help alleviate the effects of poverty on local children and their families through practical help and services’. To find out more and get involved you can visit their website here...

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