The Einstein

One day, Joe and Carly discovered a little-known Albert Einstein paper called ‘The General Theory of Snacking Relativity’. Einstein stated that snacks didn’t need to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Blending healthy stuff like dried fruit, nuts and seeds with a sprinkling of tasty ingredients created an uber-tasty natural snack that also provided a great source of fibre and protein. Genius!

The Blender

One day, Joe and Carly were in the kitchen, making a hot drink. All of a sudden in rushed their dog Gavlah who bowled Carly off her feet. The coffee beans flew into the air and – along with some sultanas, cranberries, cashews and a chocolate bar – landed in the open blender.

Joe shrugged, thought ‘what the heck’ and turned the blender on. The resulting mix tasted delicious .


One day, Joe and Carly were in Geneva visiting the Large Hadron Collider. Joe and Carly thought they’d give the machine a whirl and threw in a mix of oranges, jumbo peanuts, sultanas and dark chocolate. Soon the ingredients were flying round the 27km track in opposite directions at 99.9998% the speed of light.

The resulting impact was spectacular to look at but the mixed ingredients were even better to munch on.

The Ace

One day, Joe and Carly were at Wimbledon enjoying a Pimms and lemonade with their strawberries. Andy Murray was battling away to win the match but kept struggling with his serve. Joe thought there was only one thing for it and snuck himself courtside disguised as a ballboy.

On his next serve instead of chucking him a yellow tennis ball Joe handed him a handful of mini strawberries, juicy strawberry-infused raisins, whole cashews, white chocolate and cranberries. Keen to give anything a go to seal the win, Andy smashed the delicious mix over the net for a clean ace.