Born in the USA!

When Joe first tried trail mix whilst hiking in the Grand Canyon it was a bit of a revelation. Here was a snack full of great stuff that kept him going but that also combined it with a touch of indulgence to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Back in the UK life was busy and we all too often found ourselves sat at a desk, or in the car, feeling tempted to gorge on naughty snacks. It felt like there was a real need for something like trail mix in the UK to bridge the chasm between indulgent and healthy snacks.

What’s more, because it’s convenient, light and full of fast and slow release energy, trail mix is a really adaptable snack. As Horace mentioned, it’s great if you’re out for a walk, enjoying a round of golf, or simply need a little pick me up before that yoga class after work.

With all this in mind we started making our own mixes at home, taking them into work or on trips away. Back in the summer of 2013 we decided to take it a bit more seriously and Real Handful was born. We began searching far and wide for the best ingredients we could find and then testing the results on our friends and family. The end result is a range of recipes that we think taste awesome and always contain 75% or more dried fruit, nuts and seeds.